Development Roadmap

We purchased CIX in the knowledge that it has had a tremendously long and successful history, but we felt that it had failed to keep up with the demands of the user base or indeed changes in technology and customer habits. To give new and existing users an insight into what we have planned for the next 12 months here is an overall aim to what we aim to achieve. This is by no means a complete or detailed list, but should help show that we're very much committed to delivering a bright future for CIX and CIXen. We very much welcome any constructive ideas and suggestions either via email or through the CIX Development forum.

Completed Changes

o Replace all CIX hardware with new, more powerful machines. Actioned Actioned!
o Improve CIX Forums' access speeds Actioned Actioned!
o Improve redundancy Actioned Actioned!
o Spam and virus filtering for all customers Actioned Actioned!
o Cosmetic revamp of CIX Forums Actioned Actioned!
o CIXReader - new Windows desktop client for CIX. Actioned Actioned!
o CIXReader - new Mac OSX desktop client for CIX. Actioned Actioned!
o Open sourced the old Ameol client on Github. Actioned Actioned!
o New free CIX Basic account type. Actioned Actioned!
o A multitude of minor enhancements and new features for CIX Forums Actioned Actioned!

Longer term objectives

o New exciting revamp now in planning   Watch this space!

What's left?

Porting CIXReader to Linux and overhauling CIXForums for a brand new web site.